Finding and activate C2R-P Volume License MAK key for Visio & Project 2016 installed with Office Deployment Tool

This assumes you already know how to use Office Deployment Tool (ODT) for Office 365 ProPlus and have have installed Volume License (VL) software from Volume License Service Center (VLSC) site. Installing VL versions of Visio & Project is only recently supported by ODT and previously only worked with KMS keys. Also, just make sure to download/update to the latest ODT diles since this requires a minimum version mentioned in the support page.

Following the guide found on Microsoft’s support page (1), first you need the right MAK key:


  • If you’re using MAK for volume activation, be sure to get the correct key from the Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC). You want the one that says “C2R-P for use with the Office Deployment Tool.”

The Click-to-Run Perpetual (C2R-P) key is specifically made to work with ODT (2), but the site doesn’t tell you where to find it. You will get an error if you try using that key from the Downloads & Keys tab in VLSC (3).

This product key is for the volume-licensed version of Microsoft Visio Professional 2016, which isn’t currently installed. To use this product key, contact your administrator.

The correct key is located in the Licenses tab. Mid-page you will see a Product Key tab which will have the C2R-P keys!

You can use your current config.xml to install alongside ProPlus or create a new .xml just for Visio and/or Project to install separately as needed. For current ProPlus users who need the software, just run the new .xml. More steps and details are in the support site (1).

If you follow the steps there and add the key to you .xml, just open the software after install and activate over the internet or phone, like you usually would VL software.

If you already have the software installed, go to File > Account Options. Click Change Product Key, enter your new key, and activate over internet or phone.



(1) – Use the Office Deployment Tool to install volume licensed editions of Visio 2016 and Project 2016

(2) – Office Click-to-Run Perpetual (C2R-P) release for Project 2016 and Visio 2016

(3) – C2R-P MAK for use with the Office Deployment Tool

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