JAMF app doesn’t prompt to install on iOS, shows “blank” app is installing under Device | Inventory and Install option does nothing in Self Service.

If your app is scoped to automatically install to a device but fails. Checking the device in JAMF Pro under Device | Inventory | Apps it shows as a “blank” app with blank fields except for the Installing status. It shows the Install option in Self Service.

1) Remove the app from the device’s scope.
2) Confirm the blank app is not longer showing as Installing under Device | Inventory | Apps
3) Confirm the app is no longer in Self Service
4) Reboot the device.
5) While rebooting, scope the device back into the app.
6) Login to the device and open Self Service and wait for the app to appear. (You might see an issue with no network at first, then it will show the app can reinstall even though it never prompted to install in the first place.
7) Complete Update Inventory then the install will prompt to start.

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